What is a TEFL ?

The TEFL Certification or Teaching English as a foreign language is reference to teaching the English language to students whose primary language is not English.

TEFL courses can be conducted in an applicant’s home country or through many different avenues such as:

  • Private School
  • State School Systems
  • After hours such as evening and weekend language schools
  • With a private language tutor

Both native and non-native speakers of the English language are able to become TEFL teachers.

TEFL Certification – Different Approaches

TEFL Certification

TEFL Certification

There are many different approaches to learning the core requirements for TEFL or for teaching the core requirements for the TEFL certification. Below are some of the most popular:

  • Reading- many instructors will use reading materials meant for children and teens in order to teach English. Children’s book offer the most basic concepts of the English language in an easy to learn format.
  • Communicative Language Teaching/Task-based Language Learning- is one of the more criticized ways of teaching the English language but still remains effective and popular in countries throughout Europe, Taiwan, and Japan. This form of teaching places a high emphasis on interaction both the means and the end goal of learning a new language. It promotes applicants in the program to interact with each other in order to learn more effectively. It prohibits applicants from just sitting and listening to instructors.
  • Blended Learning- blended learning is a unique combination of online interaction and face to face teaching. This type of teaching has become popular in the last half a decade. Instructors will use games and listening exercises to help promote learning.
  • Online Classrooms- this option is done solely online and is one of the most popular options for TEFL certification. Study materials are divided up into different modules for the applicant to work through at their own pace. Applicants will be required to take one to two tests per module in order to gauge how well they are comprehending the material. If the student is in need of help they have access to online tutors that can be emailed any time of the day.

TEFL Certification – Distance learning

As stated above students can earn their TEFL certifications online. Why? Online TEFL certification courses can be easily accessed no matter where you are at in the world. They provide a comprehensive environment for learning without the student having to sacrifice time away from work or their families. Many universities around the world offer an online TEFL certification course load.

Requirements for Enrolling in an Online TEFL Certification Program

There are many different requirements that an applicant must satisfy in order to obtain entrance into an online TEFL certification. Each set of requirements differs by program but below are some of the most common:

  • Many TEFL certification programs only seek applicants that have English degrees or degrees in either Secondary Education or Psychology.
  • Teaching experience may be substituted in some cases.
  • The time range of courses differs between programs. Some programs offer intensive thirty day programs while others are more relaxed and offer more time.

TEFL Certification – What Does the Course Offers?

TEFL Certification

TEFL Certification

There are many different advantages a person who has received a TEFL certification may enjoy. The best advantage is the amount of jobs that will open up all around the world for places seeking qualified TEFL teachers. Students that take both the TEFL and the TESOL certificate tests may opt to go into research fields in order to develop even better teaching curriculum for both of the certification tests. Apart from TEFL and TESOL Certificate, there are other English learning and Teaching courses including Masters or PhD Degree Program in the same field.

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