CertTESOL: A Guide to Understanding the CertTESOL

This article highlights importance of CertTESOL by Trinity College London for English teachers.

CertTESOL – Importance

CertTESOL Program


The CertTESOL is an accredited English language qualification that is awarded by the Trinity College London. The CertTESOL stands for Certification in Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages. It is a common certificate that provides evidence that an applicant is qualified to teach the English language around the world. It is one of the international standards for English language teachers. The CertTESOL is a highly respected and internationally accepted language certificate.

Who is the CertTESOL Intended for?

This certificate is designed and intended for applicants that have limited experience with teaching the English language to others. This course works to provide the foundational knowledge and skills needed for a first time ESOL teaching. The program provides an introduction to the theory and a unique insight into the different challenges applicants will face when wanting to become a language teacher.

CertTESOL – Program Layout

The Trinity CertTESOL is a level five program. A level five program is rated the same difficulty that you would encounter in your second academic year of an undergraduate degree. The program is divided into five different units that are moderated and assessed. The five different units are:

  1. Teaching Skills: An applicant will have to undergo a tutor evaluation for six hours of teaching with real students. They will also have to observe at least four hours of language teaching performed by an experienced educator.
  2. Language Awareness that Includes Phonology, and Grammar: The applicant will have to undergo an assessment to test their practical knowledge in grammar and phonics as well as use the English language on a constant basis both written and spoken.
  3. Learning Profile: The applicant will be responsible for preparing a linguistics profile and will have to analyze a single student and understand their phonemic transcriptions. They must also plan a one on one lesson plan and be ready to make recommendations that will affect a student’s upcoming language development.
  4. Material Assignment: The applicant will need to write out teaching materials and be able to provide a written examination of effective classroom teaching. An interview will be conducted with a moderator from the college in order to better assess where the applicant is communications wise and as a way to better understand their blossoming teaching skills.
  5. Unknown Languages: The applicant will be required to keep a journal that reflects different comments that they had while they are observing a language instructor that is instructing in a language that is unknown to the applicants. Applicants are required to spend four hours observing different instructors and see how they teach language to their students.

CertTESOL Program – Benefits



There are many different benefits that are associated with the CertTESOL program offered through the Trinity College London. Applicants will:

  • Have access to many new job opportunities all around the world.
  • Applicants will be able to have a unique understanding of the challenges that are associated with teaching others a foreign language.
  • The applicants will have access to a top of the line education through an accredited program that has had high rates of success with past recipients.

The CertTESOL is the perfect certification to jumpstart your career as an English language teacher.

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