Delta (ELT): A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Delta (ELT)

The Delta (ELT) more commonly referred to as simply Delta is an English language teaching qualification awarded by the University of Cambridge.

Delta (ELT) – Background

Delta (ELT)

Delta (ELT) Program

The Delta program is commonly used as a follow up qualification after applicants participate in the CELTA certificate. This program is intended for applicants that are seeking a more serious commitment when it comes to teaching the English language. The Delta program is a level seven program. A level seven program is the equivalent of undertaking master courses. In many cases applicants can either earn credit towards their MA programs or will find that the Delta programs are required as a part of their master’s degree program.

How Does Delta ELT Work?

The Delta (ELT) program is broken down into three segments as well as additional non-teaching duties such as teacher training and administration. The three modules for the English Language Teaching Management are:

  1. Module 1 is comprised of the written examination where applicants will read works in the English language and discus the different methodology applied.
  2. Module 2 is where applicants are supervised in practical teaching experiences. In this module applicants will be critiqued by advanced teachers and must complete a variety of additional writing assignments.
  3. Module 3 is where applicants will be involved in research projects as well as a final extended writing assignment.

Delta (ELT) – Goals of the Program

  • Applicants will complete the program with a better understanding and extended knowledge of the English language
  • The applicant will be able to step back and critique their own teaching practices and be able to modify their teaching approaches in order to produce a more effective learning environment
  • The applicant will come away from the program with an overall understanding of the difficulties faced when learning a new language as well as the issues a teacher faces when attempting to teach others the language.
  • The applicant will find that many job opportunities will open up as well as find their own careers progressing at a steady rate.


One of the benefits of participating in the Delta program through the University of Cambridge is that it offers a prestigious program with the added flexibility that makes it manageable for almost everyone.

Applicants can choose to participate in:

  • Full Time- Full time applicants usually complete the Delta program within a two to three month period
  • Part Time- Part time applicants usually spend around a year completing the Delta program
  • Online or Distance Learning: Distance learners have the opportunity to take these courses wherever they are in the world at whatever pace works for them.

The three units can be taken as separate certifications. If applicants fail one section of the program they have the opportunity of retaking that one section in order to obtain a passing grade.

Delta (ELT) Program

Delta (ELT) Program

Delta (ELT) Program – Benefits

  • The Delta program will elevate your career to the next level
  • The program can be taken any time in your career
  • The program offers one of the most flexible study options available
  • Applicants will gain invaluable knowledge and skills that will serve to make them more effective teachers

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