English Language Course: Australia

Today we are going to look at different English Language Courses that are offered at a variety of Australian universities.

 English Language Course

English Language Course

Australia boasts a unique environment for English language course takers because they believe that one of the best ways to improve language knowledge and skills is to live among native speakers and interact with their culture. Studying English in Australia provides students with a unique atmosphere where English is used every day and can be applied to any situation. Below we are going to look at some of Australia’s leading universities in terms of English language courses.


English Language Course – Universal English College or Global Village in Sydney, Australia

The Universal English College offers comprehensive English language courses in some of the following degree areas:

  • General English
  • Academic English
  • Business English

The Universal English College works to help prepare students for exams such as their IELTS exams or additional exams from universities such as Cambridge. These courses are specially designed to meet the growing demand for English language courses and offers a variety of different education levels from elementary all the way to advanced education.

English Language Course: ELC or English Language Company

The English Language Company is a certified English language institute that offers English language courses in both part time and full time study programs. The ELC offers six comprehensive language education levels that teach accelerated and business English. These programs are intended for the IELTS, FCE and the Cambridge CAE exams.

Kaplan International College in Australia

Kaplan International is one of the leading colleges in terms of English language courses. The college is proud of its reputation and strives to provide the best and most intensive English language classes available. The college has been educating international and professional applicants on English as a secondary or foreign language since 1967. The college provides applicants with the training needed to obtain their language goals. The college also provides help with reviews, certificates, exam preparation, study programs, and diplomas in regards to English language courses.

Sydney College of English

The Sydney College of English boasts being a respectable English school with more than 37 classrooms built well-furnished and with convenience in mind. The Sydney College of English is unique in that it offers its applicants the ability to learn the English language through specialized social programs and homestay accommodations. The Sydney College of English offers courses in:

  • General English
  • CPE
  • Business English
  • CAE

Navitas English

The Navitas English School is an English school that is recognized as one of the leading providers of English language courses in Australia. The school delivers teacher training and tuition for English language participants on both the domestic and international scale. They also make special accommodations to help service migrants and refugees that are residing in the country. The Navitas English School offers intensive English classes that normally take anywhere from 8-24 weeks of study for general English. The school also offers eight weeks of Business English courses as well as 12 week programs for the Cambridge FCE, CAE, PET, and CPE tests. The school also offers 4 week fast track program for TOEIC exams.

English Language Course: Sydney English Language Center

English Language Course

English Language Course

The Sydney English Language Center or SELC is an international English learning center that has established a reputation in education for over the last twenty years. The center provides a unique atmosphere and a high quality education. The following courses are available at the center:

  • English for Academic Purposes
  • General English
  • English for Business Communications
  • English for Customer Service Communications
  • IELTS Preparation

The Sydney English Language Center promises to provide the top notch in English language education.


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