ESL Certification Programs

This article discuses ESL Certificate Programs or English as a Second Language programs and tips to obtaining certification.

ESL Certificate Programs

ESL Certification Programs

ESL Certification Programs

There are many places in the world where getting your ESL has become a necessity of life. It has become important to those wishing to progress in both the business and the educational world. It is also necessary for teachers to become certified so that they can spread the joy of the English language to the world.

ESL Certificate Programs -Tips of the Trade

Below we have compiled some effective tips on how to successfully obtain your own ESL certificate or any of the other equivalent certificates:

  • English is quickly becoming a global language. All over the world private organizations and schools in all educational levels are beginning to require their teachers, employees, or students to obtain some sort of ESL certification in order to progress in the path that they have chosen whether it be education and career oriented. The quicker that you jump on the bandwagon the better and the higher chance for success.
  • Applicants of the ESL program are required to have an understanding of the language tones and origins. It is important that the student find a seasoned teacher that is able to teach in a way that the student best learns.
  • If a student is new to the language or doesn’t have a good grasp of the language then they should enroll in a more traditional TEFL or ESL certification courses. A traditional classroom setting gives newer students the one on one help that they need as well as almost immediate access to an instructor.
  • Many countries are now mandating that ESL certification students also have up to 30 additional college hours in areas such as:

o   Child Psychology and Development

o   Educational Theory

o   Learning Growth and Development

o   The schools may also require student teaching classes

  • Students wishing to become TEFL certified are normally required to obtain either online or in person practical experience. This is usually where applicants usually have to observe a teacher of a foreign language teaching their classes for a set amount of time. These options are easily satisfied usually by contacting your schools education department or other colleges or community centers education departments to ask to be an observer of a foreign language class. It gives the applicant a chance to really understand what they are going to be embarking on and how much work is put into teaching others the English language.
  • The certification matters even for students that are already bilingual or previous ESL applicants. Bilingual students are still expected to take part in the ESL program but are allowed to take a more nontraditional approach than other students. Many bilingual candidates will already have jobs and will need to work through their ESL program at a part time rate. For these applicants that certificate is essentially the next big step in their careers. Online courses are also a viable option for bilingual students to breeze through their official ESL certification programs. Be advised that applicants should be cautious when searching for an appropriate online ESL course. There have been incidents where students have been scammed. This can easily be avoided by using an online option from a trusted university in the area.
  • ESL Certificate Programs

    ESL Certificate Programs

    There are those out there that either don’t have the funds to cover a full course program or simple do not have the extra time. There are options for applicants that want to obtain their certification without having to go through a program. They must commit themselves to the non-degree class options. Courses such as the one offered at Cambridge known as the Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults or CELTA program offers an extensive English language foundation. There are other courses like this one that take a few weeks or no longer than a year to complete

  • For many universities a master’s degree is usually a pre-requisite for these programs. It is the responsibility of the applicant to find out if their country is one of those countries.

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