How to Be a TEFL Certified Teacher?

This article discuses Teaching English as a Foreign Language or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and tips for how to be TEFL Certified Teacher?

TEFL or TESOL Certification

How to Be a TEFL Certified Teacher?

How to Be a TEFL Certified Teacher?

Being TEFL or TESOL certified is a significant achievement that will help many applicants secure the job of their dreams or at least a better job than the one that they have now. It is an excellent start to being able to teach abroad in a variety of different foreign countries and it shows employers that you went the extra mile to ensure an extensive knowledge and capabilities in teaching the English language.

These certifications offer applicants an abundance of unique and flexible career opportunities and allows them to be more desirable than other candidates.

TEFL Certified Teacher – Tips on How to Obtain Certification

There are many different tips that one could offer to others about how to become successfully certified in either the TEFL or the TESOL certification. Below, we are examining just a few of those tips:

  • The program that you choose needs to fit your specific requirements. Every person is different and every person learns differently. The same can be applied towards teaching. You need to find the program that fits your lifestyle as well as your budget. Things to consider are:

o   Tuition fees that are required for certain course programs

o   The availability of those different programs. In some areas TEFL courses are undertaken at a quicker pace.

o   The length of the program and how much time you can dedicate to your studies for this program

o   Pre-requisites such as whether the program mandates that you have a bachelor’s or a master’s degree prior to beginning a TEFL certification program.

o   Whether the class is taught in a more traditional setting or if the class is taught online and how you are going to satisfy all the terms needed to successfully complete the program.

  • Take your time. Allow yourself the opportunity to browse over different programs. Request interviews with the directors of the programs to find the right program. You want to find a program that is going to fit your needs but also teach you in the way that you want to later teach your students.
  • Reputation is key. A reputation can make and break businesses just as obtaining a certification from a less than reputable school can cause your chances for employment after course completion to plummet. Every academic institute that a person goes to have a reputation and that reputation will follow its applicants for the rest of their lives. It is important that you pick a program with an excellent reputation so that potential employers look at it and immediately know that you are the best candidate for the job.
  • Ensure that your own personal life does not get in the way of you becoming certified. This might mean that you take time off of work and participate in TEFL training courses that are short and intense.
  • Make yourself goals and plan a strategy for success. Hold yourself accountable in everything that you do and accomplish.
  • TEFL Certified Teacher

    TEFL Certified Teacher

    Prepare! Do everything in your power to ensure that you are successful in your program. Don’t skip out on classes because you think you already know what you are doing, you would be surprised by how much you don’t understand. Class time is also the time where you pick up on different teaching methods and learn which method will better suit you later when it is you teaching at the head of the class.

  • Commit yourself to success both in the program and as a TEFL Certified Teacher.

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