IDLTM: A Comprehensive Guide in Understanding the IDLTM

Read about IDLTM (International Diploma in Language Teaching Management), structure of the program and related jobs.

IDLTM Program

IDLTM Program

The IDLTM is an internationally recognized teaching qualification specifically tailored for language teaching management. The IDLTM allows applicants to apply for positions in management theory as well as conduct language teaching and work as a teacher manager.

IDLTM Program– Goals

The program helps applicants prepare for their future careers in the language teaching management fields

  • The program allows applicants to come away with a better understanding of management theories and management practices
  • The program allows applicants to develop their own personal management skills and allows them to apply the information that they have gained to teaching the English language.
  • The program allows applicants to demonstrate impressive language teaching management skills.

IDLTM Program –  Structure

The program covers eight individual segments which are all designed to promote language teaching management. There courses are intended as postgraduate level courses and may be applied towards a master’s degree. The eight core course are:

  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Managing Organizations
  3. Managing Financial Resources
  4. Customer and Client Services
  5. Marketing
  6. Managing Change
  7. Academic Management
  8. Project Management

IDLTM Program – Duration

The program usually lasts for a minimum of eight months. During this time each course is undertaken as well as the assessments. There are assessments for each course that will determine how well the applicant is progressing through the program. This might include working on portfolios or other business management proposals.

Why Should You Choose to Participate in an IDLTM Program?

 IDLTM Programs

IDLTM Programs

Everyone is looking for that one thing on their CV or resume that is going to make them stand out to employers and the IDLTM certification is one of those items. The program offers a wonderful opportunities for business managers to elevate their careers to the next level by become language teaching managers. This certification can be used in place of practical experience ensuring that even applicants beginning in the field will find sufficient employment. The program allows applicants to obtain a more personal hands on approach to management practices and principles.

Additional benefits include:

  • Applicants will have the opportunity to become a part of a global partnership
  • Applicants will have opportunities to advance up the business management ladder.
  • The IDLTM program offers the qualifications that an applicant needs to further their chosen career path
  • The applicant has an opportunity to participate in a flexible program that will set them apart from other applicants


The availability of these courses relies heavily on how in demand they are. There courses are designed as a higher level certification in regards to education. Applicants must have obtained a certain level of education before they are eligible to participate in this program.

In order to get IDLTM Program, applicants must find testing centers that are close to their areas or must find the appropriate distance learning program. There are testing centers in over 130 different countries around the world that have all been inspected and passed The University of Cambridge’s rigorous requirements.


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