MA Teaching English at American University USA

If you are planning to have an MA Teaching English degree then you can try mastering the program of teaching English as a foreign language.

MA Teaching English

MA Teaching English

This program relatively teaches students how to impart their knowledge in English to foreign students or those that consider English as a second language. The teaching methods are based on what they school offers. A specific teaching methodology is implemented in an effective way can be found in American University. The University focuses on the outcome of the program MA Teaching English as a foreign language.

Best education comes together with what the school offers and the capabilities of the student. The University is as good as its students can be. Thinking of this program based on what the school offers reflects what the quality of the graduates produced is. Each graduate of the program and the school is expected to know what it means to be teaching English. You will be able to manage the teaching environment in terms of student activities and overall growth of the students in the program that you will be teaching. Specific knowledge-based features of the program include Basic English literacy, MA level of English literacy for student development, classroom management, and student psychology. On the list below, you will see the requirements of the program based on the American University

MA Teaching English – Educational Qualifications

You will need to be a graduate of a BS program. You will also need to be credited with 24 units of English subjects. In other words, you will need to be a English Major of accredited courses. It would be best if you are a teacher in profession and a graduate of such program. The schools also offer remedial programs in English if you do not meet the number of 24 units of subjects in English. This can be enrolled as a separate program for you to conveniently finish the needed number of units.

MA English Teaching – Admission Exams and Interviews

Each successful candidate in the initial evaluation, an admission exam is next on this list. The exam is focus on the evaluation of knowledge and relevance of that knowledge to teaching English as a foreign language. After the exam comes the interview which is the final step of the admission program. You will be subjected to a panel interview that includes your future teachers and some school officials.

MA Teaching English

MA Teaching English

Having a master’s program as part of your credential will be beneficial to you and the organization that you are in. In relation to this, MA Teaching English as a foreign language offers flexibility an organization because you no longer need to find another teacher to educate non English speaking employees. In a personal approach, you will have a lot of opportunities in terms of employment and growth. This is for the reason that you are in the teaching profession and you need to develop yourself in a consistent way. It pays to have schools that offer this program to teachers.

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