Online Opportunities for TEFL Certified Applicants

The internet provides a variety of different options, especially in the work field, that was never present in past generations. Many companies are taking advantage of the fact that people will accept less pay if it means they can stay at home and still accomplish some amount of work. The TEFL Certification is no different.

TEFL Certification vs. Online TEFL Certification

TEFL Certification

TEFL Certification

TEFL certifications can be obtained through a variety of different avenues from your more traditional face to face classrooms to your online video classrooms or some type of hybrid of the two. The only main difference between obtaining a TEFL certification in a classroom setting and obtaining a TEFL certification online is that you have to invest more face to face time in traditional classrooms and online you have to complete your whole course program through a virtual environment.

TEFL Certification Online and International Standard

Becoming certified for the TEFL online is a more universal and international standard if an applicant wishes to use their certification to teach online or abroad in different countries. The online courses allow for a more diverse look at languages as it can pull resources from around the world with a click of your mouse. It is an element that traditional classes cannot supply applicants. Obtaining an online TEFL certification is becoming an eligibility requirement for many countries seeking English teachers for their students.

Education and Time Requirements

Many higher education institutes are making the TEFL mandatory before the commencement of studies. These schools are also the ones that are providing top notch online TEFL courses program. The goal of offering online TEFL training is that English should be taught as a second language or as a foreign language to all applicants. Applicants in an online program are normally required to obtain a minimum of 120 hours of course work which is roughly the equivalent of four weeks in a study program. One of the main reasons why an online TEFL certificate is preferred is because one of the international standards for the TEFL program is that an applicant must observe language teaching for a minimum of six hours which can be easily accessible for online applicants. Online applicants can also view more diverse teaching whereas a more traditional classroom must rely on what is available.

Disadvantages for Online Learners?

There is a lot of debate about whether an online learner is getting the same experience as a more traditional applicant. Face to face classrooms or more traditional classrooms offer a variety of teacher training activities that could take applicants across the globe. Applicants are constantly supervised and are given a more in depth experience in different cultures and different teaching methods.

Being an online TEFL applicant means that your program is done 100% online. Applicants may feel that they are not able to get a more practical hands on training through the online avenue.

The Perks for Online Learners

TEFL Certification

TEFL Certification

Online TEFL learners have access to a variety of different tools to help them complete their online education. The online TEFL courses are almost always priced significantly lower than their more traditional counterparts which is good for applicants on a budget. The online TEFL also does not pull applicants away from their families or work commitments for more than a few hours a day whereas more traditional classrooms would consume a significant amount of additional time. Online TEFL Certification programs are also generally accepted as a more international standard and will help in obtaining jobs overseas.


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