Teaching Knowledge Test: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the TKT

Teaching Knowledge Test – What is TKT?

The TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) is a certification awarded through the University of Cambridge.

Teaching Knowledge Test

Teaching Knowledge Test

The purpose of the TKT is to focus on teaching teachers the knowledge that they need of learners of the English language. The certificate is highly respected and is accepted almost anywhere in the world. It serves to distinguish you from all of the other applicants and make your job prospects increase greatly.

The Goal of the TKT in Advancing Careers

  • The TKT will help an applicant grow more confident in their own abilities as a teacher and will give applicants the additional skills and knowledge needed to help progress their careers.
  • The TKT allows for a flexible study program so it is accessible to all applicants
  • The TKT is a stepping stone towards other more advanced and prestigious teaching qualifications.

Teaching Knowledge Test – Structure of the TKT Program

The TKT program is broken down into four module categories. The purpose of these modules is to give the applicant a well-rounded education. The four modules are:

  1. Background to Language Teachings: This first module is intended to test your basic understanding of concepts and terms when applied towards teaching the English language. It focuses on the factors that affect learning English. The assessment for module 1 will be divided into three comprehensive parts that will cover the background of the language both learning and teaching as well as describing communication skills.
  2. Planning for Language Teaching: The second module focuses on the skills and knowledge that an applicant needs in order to plan a successful series of lesson plans. It dives into the resources available for applicants that will help guide them in their lesson planning. The assessment for this module is comprised of two different parts. The assessment will cover the appropriate use of resources as well as how the applicant does in planning and preparing lesson plans.
  3. Classroom Management: The third module focuses on the teacher’s role in the management of the classroom. It also dives into different management methods and how to make the most of classroom interactions. The assessment for this section is dived into two parts that focus on general classroom management as well as learning and teaching language effectively in the classroom.
Teaching Knowledge Test

Teaching Knowledge Test

Assessment of Teacher Competency: This is the final assessment where applicants really get to tailor their last bit of the program. The assessment in this round is all about getting the formal confirmation about your own personal teaching competence. This is where you are required to prove your own capabilities when it comes to teaching. The assessment covers everything that you have previously learned such as management, teaching abilities, and how effective your lesson planning can be. The university will have someone personally observe you in a teaching environment. The representative will watch the applicant for either two twenty minute periods or one long forty minute period to assess how effective they are in managing their classrooms and effectively teaching the material. Applicants that are already teachers can work with the program in order to have someone come and assess them while they are with their own class. This gives applicants of Teaching Knowledge Test advantage because you will immediately be more at ease with your own personal class.

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