TEFL Courses in UK

The UK, a bastion of the English language provides a great haven for teachers or students who want to study and take TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course. A lot of schools, colleges and universities in Britain and the UK as a whole provide extensive programs for TEFL. The further details about TEFL Courses in UK are as below:

TEFL Courses in UK – Universities and Collges

TEFL Courses in UK

TEFL Courses in UK

The School of Education at the University of Birmingham, England, UK, for example, provides a distinctive opportunity to study different methods of teaching English to broader subjects of school-based education. The purpose is to help the interested individual in becoming an excellent TEFL practitioner, an experienced educational researcher and a dynamic participant of the worldwide academic and professional TEFL community. To that end, the university offers:

  • MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (1 year full time or 2-6 years part time)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in TEFL (1year full time)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in TEFL (1 semester full time)

The program is tailored to be equally practical and to offer an introduction to key research tools. The modules provide a strong foundation in appropriate classroom methods, and course strategy with the aim to produce your own instruction and learning resources. These are the three core components or modules for the Teaching English as a Foreign Language program.

The course is open for both local and international students. Application can be done online by going to their website and selecting the right course or by contacting their admissions office.

Another institution that is offering a comprehensive course is the University of Kent which offers Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages or (CELTA). CELTA is an intensive 4 week course that aims to enhance employability for teachers of English language to non-English speakers. CELTA curriculum provides the following advantages:

  • The CELTA course is a globally renowned prerequisite, which offers students with a minimum admission level for a career in English teaching.
  • Finishing CELTA provides qualification to teach English in a foreign country or within the United Kingdom.
  • The CELTA is an essential requirement as well for a teaching position within British Council recognized schools in the UK.

Application for this course can be done online or by contacting the university.

TEFL Courses in UK – Kinds

TEFL courses are also offered by accredited institutions in the UK. Among them are:

  • TEFL International
  • TEFL Org UK
  • The English Training Centre
  • INTESOL International TESOL Training

Their course offerings vary from online training, weekend training, and in-class training.

TEFL Courses in UK

TEFL Courses in UK

There is an overabundance of excellent choices in the UK for those seeking to have a TEFL certification that it begins to be difficult to pick which one. Where to take TEFL Courses in UK and when all boils down to personal choice and preference.

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