TEFL Courses: The Challenges of Teaching English to Others

TEFL Courses – Background

TEFL Courses

TEFL Courses

The TEFL certification is also recognized as the Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification is the certification required for applicants to teach the English language to other students from countries where English is not their primarily language. TEFL Courses can be taught in

  • Private school
  • State school
  • From a private tutor in the students home country
  • Online
  • After hours or weekend language schools

Receivers of the TEFL certification can be either non-native or natural speakers of the English language.

TEFL Courses and Certification – Purpose

The TEFL certification is proposed to provide teachers with the means to educate others in English. These programs are aimed to take applicants who speak little to no English and convert them into expert English speakers. The TEFL is not necessarily just for educators it can also be used towards volunteers that are wishing to go to other countries to offer foreign aid and to contribute to charity in countries where English is a predominant language. However, the main goal of the TEFL is to educate teachers on how to efficiently teach English as a second or foreign language to other applicants of varying abilities.

Where is the TEFL Certification Needed?

Teaching English as a foreign language is one of the most rewarding and in demand jobs there is today. The TEFL certification can help educators get ready for either online or face to face classroom surroundings. The need for TEFL teachers has been on the rise steadily in many different countries especially China, Korea, and Japan, but also a growing number of other countries.

In the Philippines, Korean institutes are being created and they require that their teachers have a minimum of one year of experience in teaching the English language and requires that they hold a TEFL certification.

Thailand offers certifications and hires many TEFL certified teachers. Thailand keeps a high demand only offering TEFL certification to applicants that were able to pass all of their standard courses and who have went on to again additional qualifications for the language. The need for TEFL certified teachers is on the rise in this country as many of their teachers have taken up opportunities to teach elsewhere.

Spain especially in Madrid, Spain the TEFL certification is highly desirable for all applicants. There are many services in Spain that offer to help place TEFL certified teachers in positions across the globe. There are a variety of languages schools and other avenues of TEFL or TESL training where the need for teachers is high. TEFL certified teachers are held to the highest of calibers in Spain. Any job that they apply to they will have to interview to prove that they can conduct themselves and to measure their personal level of performance.

Things to Remember

TEFL Courses

TEFL Courses

The TEFL Courses give a person the right to teach English as a foreign language but it doesn’t always give you the temperament. There are options to teach online that some TEFL teachers should take advantage of. Teaching is not for the faint of heart.

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