TEFL Program – Key Facts

The competitive job market of today demands people who have a high level of proficiency in the English language, thus, there is a high demand for people who possess the ability and qualifications to teach the language both local and abroad. For those who yearn to land a teaching job overseas, getting the proper international certification is a must. TEFL Program is one of them.

TEFL Program – Facts

TEFL Program

TEFL Program

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The process usually begins at one’s own country where English is not the native language and where English is taught either through school curriculum or after hours instruction in order to be used as a language on a day to day basis. When one learns how to speak English, then receiving a TEFL certification to teach English abroad can now be realized.

International TEFL certification can be acquired by finishing a TEFL training program. The International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT), for example, provide a comprehensive selection of very practical and excellent, online TEFL courses and certification options. There are a lot of TEFL program to select from depending on one’s availability and job requirement. Among them are:

  • TEFL Program and Online TEFL Certification

This is the most flexible and popular course available. You will be able to choose from the sixty hour tutor assisted or non-assisted TEFL certification training, the one hundred twenty hour tutor assisted or non- assisted certification program which is required by most employers or the 250 hour tutor assisted or non-assisted diploma in TEFL.

  • In-class TEFL Certification courses

Instructions, assessments and practical application are done intensively in classrooms and field locations and in particular locations by the school instructors in four-week duration

  • Combined TEFL courses

This particular course provides you with the comfort of studying the theoretical method of teaching online the duration of which varies upon how slow or fast you want to get through the course and the two weeks in-class application of the theories by being exposed to real world teaching experience in training centers. After the completion of the said course, you will be able to obtain a full TEFL certification.

  • Specialized TEFL courses

TEFL has subdivisions that concentrate on teaching specific groups. There is a rapidly rising demand in Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) and Teaching Business English (TBE). So for people who wants to specialize in this particular fields this is the right course to take. There is the 50-hour tutor assisted or non-assisted CTEYL and CTBE.

  • Diploma Courses

TEFL Program

TEFL Program

For those who had already finished the standard certification course and aims to get a Diploma in TESOL (Teaching English for Speakers of Other Language). This course provides a more advanced study of the methodology and techniques in teaching the English language for non-native speakers.

The above mentioned courses and certification choices are just a few of the available options that can be undertaken in order to get that coveted international TEFL certification. With the TEFL Program and Certification in hand, the yearning to land a teaching job overseas is within grasp.

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