TESOL Certification: Why it is a Worth the Investment

This article will view different reasons and instances where investing in a TESOL Certification is worth the time and the investment.

TESOL Certification – Why it is Important?

 TESOL Certification

TESOL Certification

The English language is quickly becoming a requirement for many universities or institutes of higher education to commence studies. English is one of the most universal languages available and is taught all over the world. Certifications such as TESOL ensure that students needing to be taught English as their second language are taught by the very best in the fields. Certificates such as TESOL ensure that the very best of the English language is delivered by qualified teachers.

Where Does the TESOL Certification Apply?

The TESOL certification is one of the most universal English language certifications available globally today. The TESOL certification is accepted at almost any major university in the world. The TESOL is also accepted for teaching positions in different countries. Below are a couple of examples of countries where TESOL is accepted and what it can be applied for:

  • Australia- the TESOL certification would be highly beneficial if you travelled to Australia looking for either a teaching position or to further your education. Many Australian universities will accept the TESOL as a means of establishing English language proficiency. Securing a TESOL is beneficial to teachers because it can give you the added edge that you needed to be accepted for a teaching position. Multilingual teachers are highly sought after in higher education instances.
  • Canada- the TESOL certification is beneficial to teaching applicants as it sets them apart from all the rest of the teaching applicants. Canada has a high demand for TESOL certified teachers to teach their students ESL or English as a Second Language. There are also many highly accredited schools in Canada that offer opportunities for TESOL certificate holders to further their education. Many Canadian Universities offer international degrees in English Language Courses and additional training on their EFL or their English as Foreign Languages. These courses are intended to supply TESOL recipients with a different outlook on teaching approaches when it comes to foreign languages.

TESOL Certification : Advancing Your Education

There are many academic opportunities available to holders of the TESOL certification. There are many master degree programs that are tailored for TESOL certificate holders in order to provide them with a more comprehensive outlook on education as well as award them more opportunities.

The higher the educational level the more opportunities available. TESOL certificate holders who progress towards a master or even a doctoral degree are no longer required to teach. They would be a part of research teams and would participate in ongoing research projects. This is called hybrid courses which is a term used to mean that the student has taken on an advanced level of English language courses. Being a part of hybrid courses and research teams is a unique opportunity to reshape how people teach and learn the English language.

Is the TESOL Certification the only Certification for Teaching English as a Second Language?

TESOL Certification

TESOL Certification

No, the TESOL is not the only certification program that is used to gauge English language proficiency or to award applicants with jobs teaching English as a second language. There is also the TEFL which is Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate and the TESL which is Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate. Applicants may study and obtain all certifications related to TESOL Certification. if they choose to do so. It could be the difference between the unemployment line and teaching English to none native speakers.

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