The Trinity College London: Cert TESOL Certification Program

This article review info about the Trinity College London and their Cert TESOL Certification Program for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages also referred to as their Cert TESOL.The certification is authorized by the institute and is one of the oldest exam boards in the world.

Trinity College London



The Trinity College London is a global examination board that is based out of London, England. The board completes examinations in over 60 different countries and is qualified to provide examination in a large variety of programs such as the English language learning and teaching certifications.

Cert TESOL by Trinity College London:

The Cert TESOL at the Trinity College London is designed for candidates that either don’t have a lot of experience or exposure to teaching the English language. The program promises applicants that they will learn the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to be able to take up job positions as ESL teachers. The program also provides a strong foundation for further development and self-assessment for professionals. The program thought to be a pre-requisite for TESOL qualification.

Cert TESOL – Syllabus

The syllabus attached the program, either the TEFL or the Cert TESOL, covers the same disciplines that is offered through Cambridge CELTA. It allows applicants and teachers the ability to adapt and add to the contents of the course program and works more on teaching practices, and teaching methodology.


These certifications are regarded respectable through many different organizations both domestic and international. This program offered through the Trinity College London is considered the beginning qualifications or the building blocks to further TESOL certification. This program is approved in over 110 other training institutes as well as both private and state universities.


This certification course usually mandates at least 130 hours or four weeks of full time study for completion. Applicants that are completing part time studies usually have a year to complete the program.

Cert TESOL – Requirements:

  • Students that are participating in these programs usually must complete at least six hours of writing assignments and teaching practices. They must also complete and pass all core components of the program.
  • The applicants that apply for these programs must be a minimum of 18 years of age when they enter the program.
  • The applicants are expected to be somewhat knowledgeable in the language both written and oral. They must understand the relevance of the language and the foundations and structures that it is built upon.
  • Applicants must be able to apply their knowledge towards teaching non-English speaking students. They should be able to deal with both study and teaching training as well as taking time to research and analyze the nature of language and the demands its makes on a person’s time, energy, and emotional wellbeing.
  • Applicants must be willing to work with others and be open to constructive criticism and other forms of feedback when it comes to their personal performance.
  • Cert TESOL

    Cert TESOL

    These programs for the Cert TESOL come in five different units that will assess the awareness of language, the individuals teaching skills, their own personal learning profile, their written assignments, and their observations of teachers teaching unknown languages.

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