What does it mean to Become TESOL Certified?

The TESOL or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is a term used to differentiate teaching the English language as a specialized activity that necessitates specific training. The TESOL Certified indicates to the world that a personal is internationally qualified to teach English as a second or foreign language.

What does it take to Become TESOL Certified?

Tesol Certified

Tesol Certified

Bilingual college graduates in either a Psychology or an English major are normally sought after to complete the certification for TESOL. Candidates who hold teaching positions are valued highly because teaching is a way for others to gauge how you would be able to handle teaching others English as a foreign language. Work experience may be a requirement for some programs. Applicants must have a complete understanding and knowledge of the languages they are wishing to teach and not a slight knowledge.

There are many ways to obtain TESOL certification. The internet has a growing popularity when it comes to universities offering TESOL certifications. Most programs offer a six month to one year program or up to 130 hours of course work for applicants to work through before they are certified.

TESOL Certified  –  INTESOL

Another option for gaining TESOL certification is by joining the INTESOL. The INTESOL offers accredited training to support teachers in getting the very best out of different techniques required for ESL students. This a program that is endorsed throughout the United Kingdom as well as many other major countries around the world. It is one of the most popular and easiest ways of obtaining a TESOL certification.

INTESOL provides unique international training for teachers wishing to improve their teaching services.

Universities and Accredited Institutes of Higher Education

The other option for obtaining the appropriate course work needed to be awarded a certificate for the TESOL is to participate in a university or any accredited institute of higher education’s TESOL program. Many universities offer coursework geared towards helping ESL students complete their English language learning process. Many universities offer these programs because English is a requirement for many university programs.

You have a TESOL Certificate, Now What?

Now that you have obtained a TESOL certification you are probably wondering what you are supposed to do with it. Many recipients of the TESOL certificate use it to enhance their teaching careers as well as to start applying for better jobs where the demand for TESOL teachers is high. Many recipients will take it as an opportunity to move abroad and teach English to students from around the world. This certification opens many doors in all levels of education both domestic and internationally for a TESOL certification holder.

TESOL Certified – Things to Remember

  • Schools and universities want instructors of the highest caliber that are both certified and possess outstanding English communication skills. Any good communications expert knows that communication does not just rely on the words that we say but also how we portray ourselves through gestures and body language. A person can sound professional through words but be completely unprofessional when you put the whole package together.
  • TESOL certificate recipients that go on to teach English as a second language should always remember that learning a new language is supposed to be fun not just something mandatory to move ahead in life. Making the program fun will help ensure a higher success rate.
  • Tesol Certified

    Tesol Certified

    You as a TESOL instructor must be patient with all your students. Learning is a process and not everyone will excel as quickly as you might have.

  • TESOL certificate holders normally also opt to obtain their TEFL certificate in addition to getting their TESOL certification. This is not mandatory but may allow the instructor to have a greater understanding of what they are teaching.

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